Конференция "A Discourse on the Legal Method"

Конференция "A Discourse on the Legal Method: Historical and Philosophical Influences on Legal Thinking" пройдет в Шанинке 23-24 июня.


Программа конференции

23 июня
Legal history
  • Dr. Gabor Hamza "Reflections on the Role of Roman Law in the Process of Codification (Recodification) of Civil Law in Eastern Europe"
  • Floriana Cursi "The History of Vicarious Liability"
  • Dmitry Dozhdev "Force Majeure: between Facts and Norms"
  • Thomas Finkenauer "Concept and Function of Iustum pretium from Roman Law to Modern Law"
  • David Johnston "Legal method: Roman law in the common law"
  • Francesco Giglio "Roman dominium and the English Concept of Ownership"

24 июня
Legal philosophy
  • Lauretta Maganzani "Economic Analysis of Law and history"
  • Kit Barker "Private Law and Analytical Jurisprudence: the Continuing Value of Hohfeld"
  • Anna Taitslin "From ubi remedium ibi ius to ubi ius ibi remedium: who is to blame? Gaius, Donellus?"
  • Rene' Brouwer "On the introduction of person as a general category in Roman law in the 1st cent. BC"
  • Richard Wright "The Law of Neighbors: Greek and Roman Roots"