Counselling and Coaching

The bachelor degree. Counselling and Coaching

Specialization: 37.03.01 Psychology
Training Profile: Counselling and Coaching

The program is designed to train practical psychologists. The students not only receive fundamental knowledge in psychology, but also study a number of subjects essential for practical work.

The program is based on the latest achievements of psychological science and practice (in particular, cognitive). It takes into account the development trends in modern info and neurotechnologies.

The program trains professional psychologists able to help clients to cope with hard life circumstances, overcome difficulties, and coaches, helping to set clear goals and find ways to achieve them.

Features of the program:

1. A large number of workshops and practices (in psychological centers, clinics, schools, consulting companies, businesses engaged in usability, etc.)
2. The new curriculum focused on the modern demands of psychological practice.
3. Special educational disciplines aimed at developing professional way of thinking.
4. Mandatory scientific and applied individual projects.
5. Effective balance of theory and practice.
6. Young, ambitious and professional team of teachers with rich practical experience.

Features of the British Baccalaureate: 

• teaching part of the disciplines in English;
• annual foreign internships (language and professional), as well as summer schools in the UK and other European countries;
• mandatory study of two foreign languages from the first year of study;
• flexibility of the program, the students are allowed to select part of the disciplines;
• development of critical thinking and academic writing skills in Russian and English;
• Independent assessment of the written exams by an external examiner from the UK (Manchester University);
• opportunity to continue education in the British master degree MSSES and European universities;
• access to a unique library;
• guaranteed place in a dormitory on the campus of RANEPA

Some courses of the program:

• The foundations of psychological counseling and psychotherapy;
• Coaching;
• Psychology of personality and individuality;
• General, age, social psychology;
• Clinical psychology and the foundations of psychiatry;
• Introduction to neuroscience and neuropsychology;
• Psychodiagnosis;
• Counseling in the practical work of a psychologist.

Graduates of the program work as:

• Psychologists-consultants;
• Coaches;
• Heads of psychological trainings;
• Specialists in human resources management (HR specialists);
• Researchers (fundamental and applied studies);
• Psychologists in companies;
• Teachers.