The bachelor degree. Social Sciences

Specialization: 39.03.01 Sociology 
Training Profile: Social Sciences 

The program is designed for those who want to develop analytical skills, to learn from the eminent experts, to gain additional opportunities for international academic mobility. On the program “Modern social theory” the students master modern theories and current research methods, which are required for analytical support of the activities in various fields in today's complex and diverse world.

Features of the program: 

1. Participation in research activities. Starting from the second year students are involved in real research projects, giving them the opportunity to get initial experience in the specialty.
2. Development of skills in working with texts. Practical mastering in selecting, structuring and analyzing information.
3. Students and teachers are the colleagues. Teachers share the actual specialized information with students, engage them in scientific life. This helps many students to discover their creative potential and carry out research, translate texts, write articles and analytical reports on a high professional level.
4. A unique team of teachers: the teaches are both members of the academic community and popular practices.
5. Practice. Students go through practice in research sociological and marketing centers (the Center for Sociological Research in RANEPA, the International Center for Contemporary Social Theory in RANEPA, the "Public Opinion" Foundation, etc.).

Features of the British Baccalaureate: 

• teaching part of the disciplines in English;
• annual foreign internships (language and professional), as well as summer schools in the UK and other European countries;
• mandatory study of two foreign languages from the first year of study;
• flexibility of the program, the students are allowed to select part of the disciplines;
• development of critical thinking and academic writing skills in Russian and English;
• Independent assessment of the written exams by an external examiner from the UK (Manchester University);
• opportunity to continue education in the British master degree MSSES and European universities;
• access to a unique library;
• guaranteed place in a dormitory on the campus of RANEPA;
• graduates receive 3 diplomas (state diploma of MSSES in Sociology, state diploma of RANEPA in Sociology and the British diploma of the University of Manchester).

Practice and internships: 

• language internship at the University of Manchester (UK, after I year);
• language internship in the country of the second target language (France, Germany, Spain, China, etc., after II year);
• Professional internships at the University of Manchester (UK, III and IV years).
The cost of internship is included in the cost of the program.