International Politics in a Cultural Context

An innovative program of political theory and political processes in the challenging conditions of a modern globalized and multi-cultural world.

Skills of our Graduates:

  • Fluency in political theory, and how it has developed from antiquity through the last decade of the 21st century
  • The ability to orient oneself in the historical-cultural context of a constantly changing world
  • The ability to analyze and predict political processes in the modern, globalized world.

Program Outline: This program is focused on a fundamentally new specialty for Russia – politics in a historic and cultural context. Modern politics must be viewed in global terms. Globalization implies the mutual growth – and the occasional clash – of different cultural traditions and the historical experiences associated with them.

Program Specifics: This program views politics and history as closely interconnected disciplines and focuses on the study of political ideas in the context of historical and cultural development.

Program Graduates: Our graduates are specialists who know how to combine the competencies of a political scientist and a cultural commentator, and who are skilled in political and cultural analysis. They are able to see the modern world as it is changing, and able to recognize important changes before they become history.


  • Contemporary world history and political geography
  • Comparative politics
  • The state, nation, and nationalism in contemporary society
  • Muslim society and orientalism
  • Political demography and global politics
  • Cultural politics and history of culture