•  Passport (+ photocopy)
  •  Diploma of Higher Education with supplement, or notarized copy of diploma and the supplement (+ photocopy). Applicants who have diplomas from private universities must provide copies of the license and the proof of accreditation, certified by the university
  •  Proof of recognition and equivalence of the education –– a document confirming the equivalence of the document certifying education (for diplomas issued outside of the Russian Federation) (+ photocopy)
  •  Application form in standard format
  •  Application addressed to the dean (separate application for each faculty)
  •  Application for participation in the grant competition (for claimants applying to receive a grant)
  •  Entrance abstract according to specialty (only for participants in the competition to receive a grant)
  •  Character reference from a university approved on the Academic Board (if one exists)
  •  Proof of Insurance (+ photocopy) (for citizens of the Russian Federation)
  •  Personal tax reference number (+ photocopy of the proof of its assignment) (for citizens of the Russian Federation)
  •  Photos 3x4 cm (6 copies)

Submission period: March  to September, 2014

Budget and commercial spots

In the 2014/15 academic year the amount of budget spots (free tuition) for MSSES master’s students will be limited to:

  • 030900.68 "Law" - 15 spots
  • 030300.68 "Psychology" - 10 spots
  • 080200.68 "Management" - 10 spots
  • 040100.68 "Sociology" - 10 spots

And the amount of commercial spots will be limited to:

  • 030900.68 "Law" - 5 spots
  • 030300.68 "Psychology" - 5 spots
  • 080200.68 "Management" - 10 spots
  • 040100.68 "Sociology" - 5 spots

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