Голубев.jpgSergei Golubev, General Director of the Social Investment Fund
"When I entered the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES), I had a Ph.D. and two degrees - my colleagues did not really understand my desire to study at the Faculty of Socio-Cultural Design, but it did not stop me.
The faculty (like MSSES itself) is not only and not so much an educational institution, it is a powerful community of experts and practitioners who directly participate in the development and launch of many programs for socio-cultural development of the territories. Thus,  as a student  I had the opportunity not only to get some new knowledge, but also to engage in real design practice.
During the training I was able to increase my expert status, and plainly began to earn more being included in various projects.
I recommend entering MSSES to ambitious people who want to make their lives more professionally challenging and exciting, those who are not afraid to experiment and to create. MSSES is the springboard that allows you to jump as high and far as you want. "

09ef642d995c4ced0cdc6b913cee0fae.jpgLydia Balaban, CEO of OWS-Software Inc. (Ringwood USA New Jersey)
"A system approach - in my opinion, the most modern and promising psychotherapeutic approach to date - is practiced at the department of individual and family counseling. After high school, this new style of vision, of assessment and analysis of emerging situations (including in my personal life) has significantly expanded and strengthened my decision-making abilities. I should say, the awareness of the real advantages of the system approach did not come immediately, at first it was attempts to apply the methodology and follow the techniques, but gradually it became a new way of thinking, which for me was a huge advantage."

3c073807f53a09745bd683ace42009ab.jpgIgor Remorenko, Rector of Moscow Pedagogical University
"MSSES - is in fact the first experience in Russia to create really useful and very interesting Master's program in educational policy and educational administration. Here you can not only develop analytical skills, the ability to comprehend what has already been done, but also you have an opportunity to build a career for the future. Extensive international experience, practice-oriented research are the basic characteristics of education in MSSES. During the training we could argue with the most eminent researchers and managers in education. Up to the Minister of Education. In addition, we worked a lot on our own.  It was not so easy to defend the thesis.  Due to the training I made friends with dozens of colleagues from different regions of our country. We keep in touch so far.

557906_375214642518721_207344541_n.jpgNatalia Demina, scientific journalist 
"The school allowed me to start to live anew, to see the world in a new way, to add to my mathematical education also the social and humanitarian component." Thanks to MSSES, I gradually began to engage in scientific journalism and now it has become my profession. "